About Laurene

Laurene Engelbrecht holds an Honors degree in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. She worked as an Educational facilitator and Corporate trainer,  training Educational facilitators, sales teams and presenters. Laurene was also a Corporate Presenter and has hundreds of presentations under her belt. She is a passionate Public and Motivational Speaker and at her happiest teaching on stage, however big or small.

Laurene is committed to living a life of health and wellness, is a Certified Personal Trainer and has inspired many to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
She is also a certified Doula and has witnessed and assisted in the miracle of birth many times, experiencing the phenomenal Power of souls coming into this world (her own three children included) and often says that witnessing Power in its purest form is proof enough that it exists in all of us.

Laurene says: “I founded TrueBeing Inc with one goal in mind, to encourage others to believe the Truth, which is that they have absolutely EVERYTHING they need to create the lives they dream of living. Every human is created with infinite Power at their core. Some are just better acquainted with their Power, or their True Being, than others.

My goal is to guide those who suspect, feel or know that there is more to life than mediocrity, to re-discover their Power or True Being. By implementing new techniques and through small attainable steps it is more than possible to lead a wonderfully abundant existence. We were all created to contribute to the greatness and abundance that this Life was meant for.”

She explains: “I was born in beautiful South Africa and moved to Canada with my family in 2010. Of course, with a continental move came many new challenges, changes and fears which threatened at times to overwhelm me. A complete sense of loneliness, fear and sometimes hopelessness threatened my existence every day, and I was growing accustomed to living with a level of ever-present fear, that never subsided but just fluctuated in intensity. I was not living, I was surviving and it just was not good enough. I started reclaiming the power I knew I had. I would not have been blessed with dreams and visions of success if it was not my destiny. So my search began and I met many masters and teachers along my way. Some I studied formally, others I watched while they lived their lives and I learned what joy looked like. It seeped into my very essence and my Power was re-ignited.

What I discovered is that no-one needs to go through depression, hardship, despair or pain before they are worthy of having a purpose. Those who do experience these things are blessed in knowing exactly what they do not want, but it is by no means a necessity for growth or Power. We have ALL been created to have Power and Success and we have everything we need to make our dream lives a reality. Life was never meant to be a search for meaning, it was meant to be lived in abundance. Every moment should be a success and a joy and a journey to your next incredible goal.

You have it all!! I can show you how to find it.”

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