Power Breakfast – my personal favourite!!!

Why breakfast? I’m never hungry when I wake up!

It has been proven over and over again by scientists that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than those who skip breakfast.¬† It is however important to note that a coffee and a muffin, doughnut or bagel do NOT count as breakfast ūüôā

Breakfast should be loaded with nutrients to set you up for a powerful day, to boost you metabolism and protect your hard earned muscle (which acts as your furnace, upping your metabolism throughout the day) from being broken down by your body to be used as fuel.

So, when you get up, focus on your well being and health first, so you can be the powerful person you were meant to be.

Here is an easy, delicious Protein and Nutrient Packed Power¬†Breakfast¬† – my favourite¬†to start my day off on the right foot and I find my workouts to be of a much better quality when I’m fueled with this meal!!

This recipe provides:

  1. Ample Protein (from the egg, egg whites and protein powder) to stave off hunger, make you feel full and satisfied and provides your muscle with nutrients and fuel
  2. Oats is a fantastic Complex Carbohydrate to eat for breakfast.  It helps control cravings, provides a high level of fibre, stabilises blood sugar, lowers bad cholesterol without affecting good cholesterol and enhances your immune response.
  3. Apple sauce provides natural sweetness as well as Vit C and Fibre
  4. Adding the Sugar and Salt free Natural Peanut Butter also kicks up the protein in this meal AND provides Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6 for immunity.  Also Peanut Butter is full of heart-healthy Monounsaturated Fat which not only helps you to lose weight, but the fats are extremely important to aid in the absorption of all the goodness in the form of Vitamins and Minerals that this meal provides.
  5. The sliced banana supplies ample quantities of Potassium, Vit C, Vit B6, Manganese (necessary mineral for bone health and metabolism) and of course, our best friend, FIBRE.

Power Protein Pancake

Power Protein Pancake

Power Protein Pancake

1 whole egg

2 egg whites

1/2 cup oats or 1 packet instant regular (unflavoured) oats

¬Ĺ scoop Vanilla protein

2 Tbsp. unsweetened Apple sauce

¬Ĺ teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Mix all ingredients together

Spray a pan with Pam, and pour batter in.  Keep pan on a low heat and cover.  Once the bottom of the pancake is set and the top is almost done, flip the pancake.  Once cooked, slide onto a plate.

1 Tbsp. Natural no sugar, no salt  Peanut Butter

¬Ĺ banana sliced

Spread half the pancake with peanut butter and place sliced bananas on top.  Fold the pancake over and enjoy!!!!

You could also add fresh or frozen blueberries to this batter for blueberry pancakes which would give it a good anti-oxidant boost!

So, eat your breakfast, power up and have a superbly productive day!

Love, Always



I am fat….

Isn’t it strange that we never say, “I am a cold”, instead of “I have a cold”, or “I am a headache”, instead of “I have a headache”?

Joel Osteen said: “Whatever follows I am, is going to come looking for you.”¬† Good thing then, that we don’t say “I am a cold”, right? Except, how often do we say “I am so fat”…..and then we wonder why no diet out there is working for us, giving us results or bringing about lasting change.¬† Maybe the answer lies in changing our self dialogue with immediate effect!¬† But that’s not all…

Only two emotions¬†exist.¬† That’s it!¬† That’s all there is. Just two: Love and Fear.

It’s quite a relief really, because as humans we love to overcomplicate our lives.¬† For me, only having to evaluate how I feel in terms of Love or Fear, brings clarity and fast!

Behind every action we take, there is a driving emotion.¬† I have seen this so many times when it comes to practical issues like….the ever popular, losing weight ūüôā

Why is it that some people are able to chose a diet, follow the diet AND achieve and maintain results?¬† Instead of wondering whether they have¬†a unique¬†‘successful diet gene’ that¬†others obviously don’t, we might find the answer in their intention and their self talk.

Most often, when we embark on a weight loss journey, and we really¬†question our emotions and self talk, this might be what you’ve been telling yourself:

  • If I don’t lose weight, no one will love me (Fear)¬†because I’m fat.
  • If I don’t lose weight, people will see me as the failure I’m afraid I might be (Fear)¬†because I’m fat.
  • If¬†I don’t lose weight, this war I’m waging with my body every day, will never end (Fear) because¬†I’m fat.
  • If I don’t lose weight I can’t imagine that I’ll ever get the job I really want, because my weight is all they’ll be able to see (Fear) because I’m fat.

Beside the fact that science has proven that our minds will create what we focus on and spend time thinking about, the fact that we hope to change something about ourselves from a place of Fear, means that we will be disappointed time and time again.¬† The powerful combination¬†of a ¬†Fear based intention and the ‘I am fat’ self dialogue is a guaranteed path to a negative outcome.

What do we do then?¬† We keep it as simple as possible and change the intention to Love.¬† We act from a place of Love AND we only ever¬†allow the words “I am”.. to be followed with that which we would like to see more of manifest in our lives.

Let’s give it a try:

  • I lose weight, because I am so thankful for¬†this body that has been my vessel here on earth and I wish to keep it as pure and powerful as the day it was handed to me (Love) because I am powerful.
  • I love myself enough to believe that I deserve the body of my dreams.¬† With the body I love I am able to make all my dreams come true (Love) because I am abundant.
  • I lose weight easily because¬†I love myself and family so much, that I want to engage in every moment¬†of life, instead of obsessing about my weight (Love) because I am healthy
  • I respect and love myself enough to¬†turn away from ANYTHING that does not serve me or make me happy (Love) because I am blessed
  • I respect and love myself enough to eat healthy foods, to exercise my body by doing activities I love and embracing myself, body, mind and soul as the perfect creation and co-creator of my life, that I was always meant to be (Love) because I am wise.

So, next time you think of changing anything, be it your weight, your job, your home, remember to only act from a position of LOVE.¬† Never again say, ‘I am fat’.¬† The truth is, YOU are not fat.¬† Just like YOU are not a cold when you are sick.¬† You HAVE a cold.¬† A cold does not define you.¬† Fat does not define you either!

So, this week, whenever your mind goes ‘there’ and it says ‘I am fat’,¬†be aware of the thought, but follow it up with an immediate and intentional ‘I am powerful and I deserve only the best’.¬† Say that many times, because you have the power to neutralise¬†your subconscious negative thoughts.¬† That’s all! Just that.¬† Replace Fear with Love and you’ll be amazed at the power that is your mind.¬† Success and abundance resides in Love, and nowhere else. Now be the ‘I am’ you want to be!

Laurene Picture

Laurene at a recent photo shoot

Now these principles apply to any intentional change you want to make in you life.¬† Weight loss is an example I chose, because it saddens me to see that so many¬†people, especially women, seem to deny themselves their dream lives, because they are stuck in struggles with their body issues. I know this, because I was there.¬† I was stuck, hating my body and living my life trying to hide as much as possible.¬† My ‘I am’ statements were exactly what I described above, but I changed that.¬† If I could,¬†anyone can.¬† Starting the process of co-creating your life from a place of Love and Power is the most precious gift of freedom and both the Love and the Power¬†resides in you.

Let Love be your guide this week and watch miracles take place.

Love, always